Message from the President

We, AG Japan Marketing, have been introducing overseas products to Japanese consumers as an importing agent in Japan.

Currently, crowdfunding is becoming popular in Japan, and there are increasing opportunities for sole proprietors aiming for new businesses to approach overseas vendors.

However, most of them are new to the business and operating it as a side job.

As a result, due to the low credit quality as a company in the country, it is difficult to continue to sell products continuously in the Japanese market after the crowdfunding projects. It doesn’t live up to the vendor’s expectations that want to do business in the long term.

Compared with these other competitors, we have connections with many major domestic retailers, online shops and have various sales channels as a corporation.

Also, through crowdfunding, we have achieved many results in collaboration with specialized consulting and production companies.

If you choose us to work together for developing the market, we can first brand and test market your important products on a crowdfunding site in Japan, then sell them at suitable stores based on product categories and the marketing results. We will bear all the costs so that there is no financial burden for you to expand into the Japanese market.

Japan has a very large market as a single country. The GDP is the third-largest in the world after the United States and China, with a total population of 126 million and a per capita income of $ 41340. Besides, Japanese people tend to prefer Western culture, which is a very attractive market for overseas vendors.

We are confident that we will be able to do business with you as a Japanese marketer for a long time. We would be grateful if you consider us a partner to bring your products to the Japanese market.

Our features

1.Raising funds with crowdfunding

here are crowdfunding platforms in each country including Kickstarter in the United States, but there are also multiple crowdfunding sites in Japan. In particular, the number of people who purchase products through crowdfunding is increasing annually. Crowdfunding is becoming one of the major product sales channels in Japan as well.

By first listing your products overseas on the crowdfunding site, we will confirm the demand in the Japanese market and assemble an appropriate subsequent sales plan based on the response. Also, you can expect a big branding effect from Japanese media which often picks up new products on crowdfunding sites.

Although site production costs and promotion costs will be incurred for carrying out crowdfunding, we will bear all of them. you can carry out promotion activities in the Japanese market without any risks.

2.Showing at exhibitions in Japan

Unlike distributors that focus on online shopping, we are actively showing at major Japanese exhibitions that introduce products to retailers all over Japan.

Japan is long from north to south, and the east and west are divided by mountain ranges, so business customs differ from place to place. Many retailers also have their own local sales networks. These retailers are more likely to look for merchandise at trade fairs.

We are responsible for exhibiting and introducing products. There is no need for you to worry about spending expensive exhibition fees and Japanese interpretation.

3.Sale results with major mass merchandisers and retailers

There are many major mass retailers in Japan that are similar to Wal-Mart and Metro and some of them have been expanded nationwide, but there are also mass retailers that are targeted in urban areas and rural areas, and it is extremely difficult for overseas vendors to sell individually to these channels. 

We have built a thick pipe with the person in charge of these mass retailers through the exhibition, and it is possible to actively market your products.
Our major mass retailers: Yodobashi Camera, Tokyu Hands, Loft, etc.

Corporate Profile

Company Name AG Japan Marketing LLC
Established January 2017
CEO Eiji Akimoto
Address Sankou Bldg.306
Misato 1-5-8 Misato-Shi,
SAITAMA, 341-0024 Japan
Business Contents Product planning and sales
Internet sales